Windsor South Canadian Little League: The WSC Value Proposition

The South Canadians Value Proposition

Essex County has a great legacy of baseball and softball, and offers a variety of programs to choose from.  So why choose South Canadians?  The answer is twofold.  First, South Canadians has a track record of developing players as athletes and citizens in a fun and safe development.  Second, South Canadians provides a manageable commitment for busy families.

The South Canadians program recognizes that families take summer vacations and need flexibility.  It recognizes that kids have other hobbies and commitments.  It recognizes that each child develops at a different pace and should not be “locked out” of advanced teams before the season has even started.  This is the Little League way. 


T h e   S o u t h   C a n a d i a n s   2 0 16  
 P r o g r a m   M e n u

Gym Clinics
 (Feb thru Apr)
Offers fun, exercise and fundamental skill development for any players wanting to warm-up and get an early jump on the season. 
(May thru mid-Jul)
Offers fun and fundamentals development for all players.  The mid-July season end supports summer vacations and other family commitments.  Our houseleague program features dedicated practice time (outside of games).
Select All-Star Teams
(May thru Aug)
Offers fun, extended skill development and tournaments for players who are not yet ready for District All-Star teams, or have limited summer availability.  Select teams may also apply for those early (May/June) tournaments that occur prior to District tournaments.  Spring tryouts aply.
District All-Star Teams
(Jun thru Aug)
Offers fun and advanced skill development.  These teams play against high level tournament competition and can advance to provincial championships and beyond.  Spring tryouts apply.
Tournament Teams
(Aug thru Oct)
Minor Baseball and Major Baseball, and potentially other levels based on demand.  These teams offer more months of fun and advanced skill development against high level competition.  Tournament teams are aimed at advanced players who want to extend the season beyond mid-August.  Tryouts apply.